Sara’s Story #100WCGU

They were brutally pushed inside the dark room, like animals to the slaughter, their newly-shaved heads beginning to really feel the harsh chill of the Polish winter air. “Hol vagyunk?”* whispered the frail Hungarian lady to herself, for she knew no-one else in the room with her. She hadn’t seen her husband since their forced […]

Father & Daughter #100WCGU

“Who is it supposed to be?” “Probably some well-known person from round here.” “Why’s he wearing no shoes?” “Don’t know.” “Do you think he was homeless?” “What makes you think that?” “He has no shoes.” “But you don’t always have shoes on.” “And he has long hair.” “So do you.” “Are homeless people just like […]

A Visitor From Aztec Times

Isn’t it amazing how I can suddenly find the time to blog, now that the school year is almost at an end!  I had promised to write this blog post months and months ago (especially when I was greeted at BETT with “You’re the crime scene man!”), but just never got round to it.  Following […]

Let’s Get Blogging!

This blog really hasn’t taken off as much as I would have liked it to.  I do keep saying to myself, “Oh I should resurrect my teacher blog thingy,” but invariably don’t!  Things must change! Exciting news: plans are currently being put in motion at my school for classes to begin blogging.  This is all […]