Blogging = Brilliant

I fear that I have become one of those people that gets unfollowed on Twitter because they used to be normal tweeters, but has now become one of those annoying ones who keeps tweeting over and over about the same thing.  Not quite as annoying as the “The Daily [insert name here] is out!” tweets […]


Teachers are good at making their expectations of the children in their class clear.  These expectations are often high, yet achievable.  However, this is usually a one-way process.  What would happen if children were asked to express their expectations of their teacher? I had this discussion with my Year 5 class yesterday and asked them […]

The Wackoidal Classroom

“You’re far too radical!” That is a comment that was made about how I’ve laid out my classroom for this year.  I agree!  I’m taking an approach that I haven’t seen used anywhere else, however I’m fairly certain that I’m not the first person to come up with this. I have 25 children in my […]