A Message For Twitter HQ

I joined Twitter back in 2009, when I thought it was stupid and couldn’t see the point in it. Why would someone want to tweet when you had Facebook statuses for telling the world what you were doing?

Very soon, however, I discovered that Twitter could play a very powerful role in my professional development as a teacher. I was able to follow and connect with other educators, from whom I could learn and with whom I could share ideas. These educators became my PLN – my Personal Learning Network.

Without Twitter, I would not be the teacher I am today. I learn so much each and every day from colleagues who tweet about what’s happening in their classrooms. Twitter has also helped me find out about events like TeachMeets, the Google Teacher Academy and BETT.

A couple of years ago, I branched off into using Twitter in my classroom. The children in my class tweet about what they are learning and reflect on what they have been doing in school. They can also use Twitter to connect with experts and authors, who can answer their questions much better than I can!

Twitter is having an enormous impact in classrooms all over the UK. Indeed, it is having an impact in classrooms all over the world.

Yesterday evening I tried to find Twitter UK’s lead person for Twitter in education and I wasn’t able to find anyone. There are thousands and thousands of teachers on Twitter who joined mainly through word of mouth.

Imagine how many teachers might join if Twitter had someone driving its impact in classrooms all over the country/world.

Imagine if Twitter had a team of ambassadors in each region, tasked with getting more teachers onto Twitter. 

Imagine if someone at Twitter HQ reads this and makes it a reality. 

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Let’s make the Twitter education world even bigger.

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