Inspiring Global Citizens

Yesterday I attended an Open Space event at my school entitled: “Working together to make a transformational difference to our children’s futures: issues and opportunities.”  This was a fantastic event and I left work (on a Saturday!) with lots of ideas buzzing around my head.  In this blog post I would like to share one […]

The Alphabet #100WCGU

Each week with my class, we complete the 100 Word Challenge, run by @TheHeadsOffice.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken part in the grown-ups’ version of the #100wc, but I’m making a comeback this week.  This week’s prompt is simply ‘The Alphabet.’  I’ve used a bit of a predictable storyline, but I think it […]

Blogging = Brilliant

I fear that I have become one of those people that gets unfollowed on Twitter because they used to be normal tweeters, but has now become one of those annoying ones who keeps tweeting over and over about the same thing.  Not quite as annoying as the “The Daily [insert name here] is out!” tweets […]