Teachers are good at making their expectations of the children in their class clear.  These expectations are often high, yet achievable.  However, this is usually a one-way process.  What would happen if children were asked to express their expectations of their teacher? I had this discussion with my Year 5 class yesterday and asked them […]

The Wackoidal Classroom

“You’re far too radical!” That is a comment that was made about how I’ve laid out my classroom for this year.  I agree!  I’m taking an approach that I haven’t seen used anywhere else, however I’m fairly certain that I’m not the first person to come up with this. I have 25 children in my […]

Why Do We Do This Job?

Last week I wrote a blog post with the same title as this, however I removed it from my site before it had the chance to be there for even 24 hours.  I did this reluctantly, as an interesting debate had started in the comments section, however I felt that the post did not accurately […]

The Guilty Son #100WCGU

“He meant nothing untoward!” she shouted. Kyle was the fifth of Mrs Jamieson’s brood of seven to get into trouble with the police.  Like his older brothers, he had caused panic at the football match by brandishing his knife.  This sent a ripple through the crowd and before it could be controlled, full scale pandemonium […]

Sara’s Story #100WCGU

They were brutally pushed inside the dark room, like animals to the slaughter, their newly-shaved heads beginning to really feel the harsh chill of the Polish winter air. “Hol vagyunk?”* whispered the frail Hungarian lady to herself, for she knew no-one else in the room with her. She hadn’t seen her husband since their forced […]

Father & Daughter #100WCGU

“Who is it supposed to be?” “Probably some well-known person from round here.” “Why’s he wearing no shoes?” “Don’t know.” “Do you think he was homeless?” “What makes you think that?” “He has no shoes.” “But you don’t always have shoes on.” “And he has long hair.” “So do you.” “Are homeless people just like […]