Teachers are good at making their expectations of the children in their class clear.  These expectations are often high, yet achievable.  However, this is usually a one-way process.  What would happen if children were asked to express their expectations of their teacher?

I had this discussion with my Year 5 class yesterday and asked them to think of what their expectations of me are for the year ahead.  After making it clear that I have no power to change the menu in the dining hall, nor to alter the length of the school day, this is what they came up with: Expectations of Mr McLoughlin (unfortunately the embed code doesn’t work on WordPress.com sites, so you’ll have to click on the link to hear what they said)

“To be the best teacher we’ve ever had.”  No pressure there at all, then…!  As I wrote on our class blog, I will try my hardest to meet and exceed these expectations, just like they will work hard to meet and exceed the expectations that I have set for them.

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