Google Teacher Academy, London 2012

On Tuesday 3rd April 2012, I will be travelling down to London to take part in the Google Teacher Academy (GTA) on the 4th and 5th April.  I have been incredibly lucky to be one of the 50 teachers from all over the world chosen to take part and I’m really looking forward to learning lots about how Google’s tools can be integrated into my classroom.  Although it’s ever-so-slightly egotistic, I’m also looking forward to being able to display the Google Certified Teacher logo everywhere!

I am very conscious that a lot of people who wanted to attend the GTA were not chosen, despite entering some fantastic application videos.  For this reason, I plan to cover as much of the two days on my blog and Twitter feed as possible.  I’m sure that Google will have some rules that I have to stick to about divulging information to the outside world, so obviously I’ll have to stick to these, but I’ll be trying to spread as much information and news about the event as possible.  For examples, I’m planning to have a CoverItLive session running each day to gather together the tweets that use the #gtauk hashtag, as well as gathering together other snippets of news.  I’ll also be trying to blog as much of the day in real time as I can.  This will be as useful for me as it will be for others, as my memory is incredibly bad!

In anticipation of the GTA, I have set up a GTAUK page on my blog, which can be accessed through the menu bar above.  I’ll keep adding to this as and when I have things to put on it.  If anyone has any ideas for things to put on here, please let me know!

For some reason, my post with my application video has disappeared from my blog, so here’s what I produced as part of my application to get into the GTA:

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  1. Claire Robinson says: Reply

    Great new look to the blog. Look forward to meeting up in London! Will be great to have a twitter feed log of what is covered.

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