I am the Ikea Helpline

Before going back to school today, we had been asked to think of a metaphor that describes our job.  I thought about this for a while.  Then gave up.  Then I thought about it more.  Then I gave up.  Then, as today approached, I thought about it again, and in a moment of genius, I came up with my metaphor: the Ikea Helpline.

My reasoning for this:

  • I give my “customers” all the parts they need to build something (in their case, this is knowledge).
  • I even give them a handy set of tools.
  • I give them easy, simple-to-follow instructions of how to carry out their task.
  • Yet, if they need help, I’m always there to give them a hand.

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  1. What? I thought you were a teacher?

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