Let’s Get Blogging!

This blog really hasn’t taken off as much as I would have liked it to.  I do keep saying to myself, “Oh I should resurrect my teacher blog thingy,” but invariably don’t!  Things must change!

Exciting news: plans are currently being put in motion at my school for classes to begin blogging.  This is all down to the inspirational work of David Mitchell, aka @DeputyMitchell.  I have been following his tweets and reading about the achievements he and his school have had by becoming a blogging school.  My headteacher had also been following these developments, so being the resident ICT geek in school, the possibility of blogging was mentioned to me.  I didn’t have to think twice and since then I’ve been thinking non-stop about how blogging could be introduced in my school.

We’ve decided to try out QuadBlogging with other schools from all over the world in September, so I can’t wait to get started on that.  I remember it happening a while ago and watching with interest as children blogged and received engaging and thoughtful comments from children in other schools.  I’m really looking forward to my class next year discovering that people outside of our school – and indeed our country – have commented on their work.  I’m hoping that they gain a real enthusiasm for writing and become fully engaged in the work that they produce.

Work is underway to build our blog site through Creative Blogs and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

The most important thing for me now is to lead by example – if I expect my children to blog, I need to do the same.  I need to make a promise to myself to make a more concerted effort to blog on a regular basis about my work in the classroom.

Let’s get blogging!

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