When A School Resembles North Korea

A few months ago, my 9-year-old brother-in-law went to the hairdresser’s with his dad.  While his dad was daydreaming about something, young Aidan asked the hairdresser to shave a zig-zag design into his hair.  Really, the hairdresser should have asked parental permission before doing this, but didn’t and shaved the design.  Upon returning home, my […]

Using Facebook To Engage Parents

Every e-safety talk I have listened to recently has included some form of warning against Facebook.  On one occasion, I was even advised that for the sake of my career, I should not use Facebook at all.  Obviously the people that told me this don’t know how to use Facebook or the stringent privacy settings […]

Free Money! (Sort of…)

Before I start, I apologise that this isn’t related to teaching or what I do in the classroom, but it is something that I want to share, especially in these days of cost-cutting and non-guaranteed pay rises! Have you heard of Quidco? It is a cashback site that allows you to shop online as normal, […]