Please follow my class on Twitter!

On Tuesday I will begin using Twitter with my new Year 3 class.  Last year, my class had a Twitter account, but we didn’t really use it very much.  I am determined to use it a lot more this year to really break down the walls in our classroom and share what we’re doing with the world.  I have also linked the tweets to a Facebook account for parents to ‘Like’.  Many may frown on me for doing this, as the children aren’t allowed to be on Facebook, but the children will never access Facebook and linking the account to Facebook will most likely engage more parents.

I really want to build up an audience for my class before they begin school on Tuesday, so that when I introduce it to them, they can see that lots of people are reading their tweets.  Please consider following them: @Hotspur3Y

Thank you very much!

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  2. Adam Williams says: Reply

    I am considering using twitter to act as a sort of instant help request as an alternative to hands up. I plan to have the students sign up to twitter as a part of their preliminary e-safety lesson (sorry these are year 7/8 students in an ict suite.) along with parents permission. I am planning to use hash tags # and a filter on my school twitter account to display these straight to the board. My hope is that as the lesson progresses and students reach a point that they cannot progress from without teacher assistance a question or plea for help will pop up on the whiteboard. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Is my idea a bit far fetched/impossible? Any help or advice welcomed @canmrwilliams

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