TeachMeet Belfast, 2nd March 2012

Friday 2nd March was a momentous day for education in Northern Ireland, as it marked the date of the first ever TeachMeet in the province.  I had been reading about its development for a while and followed this closely.  Having initially offered my services as a live interpreter for those outside of Northern Ireland, I eventually ended up presenting at the event!  As I live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England, getting to Belfast by 6.30pm on a Friday evening would have been a bit of a trek, so I presented live via Elluminate.

Before I move onto what I presented, I would like to thank the whole team behind TeachMeet Belfast for the opportunity to present, in particular Dáithí Murray (@dmurray742) and Barry Corrigan (@MrMalcontent), who have found themselves a gig as Northern Ireland’s very own Ant and Dec!  TeachMeets are great and I have attended several here in the North East, as well as at BETT, so it’s great to know that Northern Ireland is also benefitting!

When I was wondering what to present, it was suggested to me that I talk about when I was abducted by aliens.  There’s a blog post here about it, but this is what happened on the night:

As I was making everything up as I went along, with small prompts from the photos I’d uploaded to Elluminate half an hour before the event, I didn’t have a professional-looking Prezi or presentation of any description like everyone else.  However, I did decide to make one after the event, so that my presentation could be shared.  Here’s a Prezi with the photos and hostage video:

I’m really looking forward to the next TeachMeet in Northern Ireland and hope that they’ll still invite the ex-pats back to present!

For more information on TeachMeet Belfast, click here.

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