The Innocent Son #100WCGU

Mr Wogan’s soft Irish lilt echoed out of my radio like a gentle ripple, his evocative tones bringing me back to my childhood memories of the Emerald Isle.

He sounds just like my father did.

Things were different back then.  Mammy stayed at home to look after her brood of nine (I was the oldest girl.  Sister Mary they called me!), whilst daddy went out to sea to catch his wages.  We were happy.

I didn’t grow up to mirror my mother, having given birth just once.  My boy, the New York banker.  My pride and joy!

Then came the untoward day known as 9/11.

This post is part of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups at The Head’s Office.

Photo credit: Danny McL

14 Replies to “The Innocent Son #100WCGU”

  1. I really liked the way you developed this character so fully, and left the tragedy so understated at the end for the reader to fill in all the blanks. Very sad :o(

  2. oops that was meant to be a 🙁

  3. Yes, 9/11 was a tragedy effecting so many lives around the world. So many innocent lives lost to the decisions of a few.

  4. Heartbreaking and surprising all in one. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I didn’t expected that end. Well, certainly no one who had friends or relatives in the WTC that day expected something like that. I think the way the story turns into a tragedy in only 8 words reflects how things like this hit people: everything is OK until…
    Very good piece of writing.

  6. A good piece, Simon. The unexpected end made a good contrast between the ‘comfortable’ family picture and the horrors of reality that comes with losing a loved one in a particularly tragic way. Well written!

  7. Such a chilling end, the piece is fantatsic

  8. Well done you, Simon. A beautifully crafted piece. A previous comment mentions how the shock is encapsulated in such a few words: an excellent ending.

  9. I echo Pablo’s comments . . . I was not expecting the ending and ‘it hit’ . . The piece continued in my mind, evoking memories, without the need for further words on the page

  10. Much said in few words. Well done!

  11. Oh Siomn. This was so sad! I loved the way you built the character & I could hear the Irish brogue. Thank you so much for writing twice & I love the link!

  12. This became so suddenly sad that it felt like a punch. Those happy beautiful memories, and then so much heartache. There’s obviously so much more of this story. This feels like the beginning.

  13. A devastating blow at the end. I’d like to know about Sister Mary and how she and her family come to terms with their future without her son.

  14. Chilling. I know well the strong sense of memory and loss you portray. Well done.

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