The Policeman and The Dancing Gove: Using Morfo Booth

Earlier this year I was introduced to the iPad app Morfo Booth and I have been using it in the classroom a lot recently.  Morfo Booth is an app that allows you to animate a picture of any face by adding animation to the eyes, mouth, nose and by creating facial expressions.

A few weeks ago my class were consolidating their learning about The Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle, which took place in 1854. The objective of the lesson was for them to use investigative skills to decide on who started The Great Fire and to use reasoning skills to explain why.  Before the lesson, I had created three videos of the policeman who discovered the fire.  PC George Riley was a fictional character that we developed over the course of our 5 week project and we looked at the events that night through his eyes.

What I love about Morfo Booth is that it is so easy to use – these videos took me under 5 minutes to make, yet they were able to be watched over and over by the children who were gathering information and evidence to lead them towards their judgements.

At the end of the lesson, the children were given the challenge of creating a video using Morfo Booth to give their findings.  They used a picture of a judge, which I had pre-loaded onto the iPads and recorded some fantastic videos. Here are two of them, made by children in my Y2 (age 6-7) class:

I presented about Morfo Booth at the fantastic Animate2Educate ‘Talk On The Tyne’ event on Thursday 5th June 2015.  Unfortunately the technology failed me somewhat, as the iPad kept disconnecting from the screen, but in essence, what I was trying to do was to show how easy it is to make a video in a couple of minutes.  The children in my class love to make their characters on Morfo Booth dance using some of the different styles of music in the app.  Who better to demonstrate this than former Secretary of State for Education, the Rt. Hon. Michael Gove? Dance, Gove, Dance!

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