Tweet Tweet! What Have You Learned Today?

At the start of this academic year, I decided that I wanted to use Twitter with my class to share their learning.  I use it to learn and I use it to share my own learning, so why can’t children use it too?  Bearing in mind that children are increasingly being asked ‘What are you learning?’ or ‘What is the learning objective in this lesson?’, I knew that I had to create a culture in my classroom where the children know exactly what they are learning, but without reciting the learning objective shared at the beginning of the lesson.  Therefore, @Hotspur3Y was created!

At the beginning of each lesson, the children in my class are challenged to think about what they might tweet at the end of the lesson about what they have learned.  This plants a seed in their head and focuses them on the learning objective.  At the end of the lesson, some children are invited to share what they have learned.  Here are some examples:

I have chosen these tweets to showcase, as they use the four sentence starters that I provide for the children to use, in order to focus their tweets.  These are displayed on the ceiling above the carpet space where we always sit for plenaries.

(One sentence starter that is missing from this picture is ‘Today I have learned.’)

Using this in each plenary as a shared writing activity is having a huge impact on ensuring that children know what they have learned and it also helps them to reflect on their learning in the lesson.  We love to interact with our followers too (after I have moderated replies, of course!), so please do send us a tweet!

Other great classes who tweet:







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