Using Your Body To Spell

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, this won’t be new information:

I absolutely love GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is a collection of videos and activities to get kids moving in their classrooms and at home. The kids in my class love it when we have a couple of minutes for some GoNoodling!

A couple of months ago, I got a GoNoodle Plus subscription. This means that there are a few more videos and activities available to me that aren’t available on the free version. One of these activities is BodySpell.

BodySpell allows me to enter a list of up to 20 spellings, which are then instantly loaded onto the website. The robot on the screen says the word, which children can copy, and then a silhouette shows the children how to make the shape of each letter with their body, which they then spell letter-by-letter. This video explains the activity really well:


So, how am I using BodySpell in my classroom?

Each morning when the children arrive, there is a five minute interval between me opening the classroom door and the beginning of the register. This activity is perfect. At the beginning of each week, I load our list of spellings for that week, which the children then see, hear and physically spell each morning. This means that my spelling lessons are much shorter, as the children have been exposed to the words through our BodySpell activity each morning. The kids love doing this and are always totally engaged, which is great when they’ve only been in the classroom for 30 seconds – they rush to put their coats in the cloakroom and get started! The fact that our GoNoodle champ also earns a point at the end of the activity each morning is also a plus!

For one afternoon a week, I also teach Spanish to two Year 3 classes. I’ve been using BodySpell to help them learn the spellings of different Spanish words. Most recently, this was spelling the numbers from 1 to 20. Using BodySpell in a different language works so, so well, as I input the spellings. The only thing that I have to do extra is checking that the BodySpell robot doesn’t shout out the word. It ‘reads’ the word using English phonetics, so can produce some very strange pronunciations of Spanish words!

The only thing that I feel I should point out to UK teachers is that, like a lot of GoNoodle videos, this has been designed for the US market. As such, the letter z is pronounced as /zee/ rather than /zed/. However, this doesn’t detract from the activity at all – my class has learned to shout /zed/ over the top of the voice coming from the speakers!

This is such a useful tool for teaching spellings. I can’t wait to see what else GoNoodle will come up with soon to help kids learn through movement!

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  1. We love Body Spell too!

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