Would You Like Your Facebook Privacy Settings To Be Checked?

As a teacher, I know that I am very careful with what I put on my Facebook profile.  I know that only my friends can see what I post, yet sometimes I worry that with the plethora of changes that Facebook insists upon throwing at us to keep us on our toes, my privacy settings may change without me knowing.  Before I know it, little Jimmy from Year 6 has seen all the photos I posted of my recent night out and has shown them to all his mates.

Most teachers I know have made sure that their privacy settings are at the most secure possible.  With the introduction of the timeline feature on Facebook, I worried that some of my privacy settings might have changed.  As all of my friends are my friends on Facebook, I couldn’t get anyone I know to check how my profile looks to non-friends, so I put out a tweet asking someone to help.  As it turned out, lots of teachers offered to help with this and asked if their profile could be checked in return.

In response to this, I have set up a Google Doc for people to say that they would like their Facebook privacy settings to be checked.  This relies on others’ goodwill in checking the profiles of others, so please do take a second to check someone else’s if you would like yours to be checked.  The comments section should be used to say what is visible, so that people are aware of what can be seen.  The format of this document may change as time goes on, depending on feedback and the uptake!

To go to the document, click HERE.


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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Stop identity theft by removing this simple piece of information from your Facebook profile. Go to your profile page and click on “Edit profile” (Under your Profile picture). Under the Birth date tab, change to “Show only month and Day in my Profile” or “Don’t show my birthday in my profile”. It’s amazing how much you can find out when you use a persons name and birth date!

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